Sean Anderson grew up in a small town in the South, surrounded by a close‐knit family where creativity was encouraged and striving for your best was just the way things were done. Harnessing his natural creative gifts and his strong work ethic, Sean has found his niche in interior design. His work reflects a perfect blend of fresh and functional, classic and contemporary, a just­‐right mix of old and new that is forever timeless. His obsession over the smallest details results in a finished product that is truly flawless. Sean believes that your home houses your story, and wants to get to know you before any design work begins. Using this personal, hands-­on design approach, he will work to create an environment that is seemingly effortless and yet memorable, providing a livable canvas for more of your story to unfold. Through his attention to detail, impeccable taste, knowledge and experience, Sean captures the individual beauty of a person and brings that beauty to life in spaces that are true sanctuaries--places to live, laugh and love.

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